Following the heavy backlash the club owner received for his flower girls stunt, at a house warming party recently, Pretty Mike just took a swipe at “some girls”.

He wrote on his Instagram page:

Some girls will sleep snoring like a dragon….Only for them to wake up and start updating their status like …”Gosh.. awh! Slept like a baby”….Shut up my Dear, dont u mean like a baby dragon 😂😂 #Shade #HughHefner #BathRobeDoings #WeatherMan #husbandmaterial #LagosBoy 🙌

Apparently, his hash tags depict that his bathrobe swag was a cue from Play Boy CEO, Hugh Hefner… makes sense now, how about we wait for him to start bringing nude females into the show eh?! Wouldn’t that be something?!


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