As an actor or an actress, your ability to fit in any role given to you is really paramount, that apparently is the whole idea of acting… but when you look like you really are that role you’re playing, then consider your acting game at its zenith!

Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, defines an actress at the top of her game as she’s no doubt one of the most prominent actresses in the Nollywood scene – the beauty is set to star in an upcoming Nollywood comedy movie titled “In Case Of Incasity”, where she says she is playing a bride in a movie for the fourth time this year and it’s only March.

Well, could this be a sign that the beauty’s wedding bells will ring this year?

Read the synopsis of the movie below and check out more Rita Dominic photos below:

In Case Of Incasity’ tells the story of how Betty, a restaurant owner (Rita Dominic) and Chinedu, a lawyer (Wale Macaulay), both struggling to overcome challenges in their personal lives, are brought together by fate. Betty runs her own successful Nigerian restaurant in Peckinams Lane Market, London. She is also the President of the Peckinams Market Women’s Society, a motley group of mainly African women traders running their businesses located in a small section of the market. Chinedu runs a small legal firm in the same locality and when Betty and her fellow traders receive a quit notice from the local council, they have no choice but to turn to Chinedu for help. Things take a turn for the worse and as they frantically prepare to take on the system in the local British courts, Betty and Chinedu inadvertently find themselves fighting for each other in the biggest survival battle of their lives.


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