A Nigerian lady has narrated on Twitter how she caught her gateman red-handed banging a girl in her room.. She says her gateman steals her stuffs, but she usually overlooks it. Typical Gateman behaviour.

Apparently, she was away from her house for sometime, and she got the gist that her gateman has been sleeping in her room, he sometimes buys fuel, turns on the gen and put on the Air Conditioner in her room so he can chill..

Read Her Narration Below as shared on Twitter;

it’s past midnight and i’m on my way home. Showing up in grand style with the police.

my gateman dey on gen and AC to sleep IN MY FREAKING ROOM!!!!

good afternoo o. Let me continue from here and give you people gist. Hmmmmm. Your security man is your real oga.

My gateman, John has been displaying some sketchy behaviour since he started working for me.

Stealing Money, fuel and other things. I always knew but it’s gateman behaviour, you know. They will always steal. I let it slide.

Sometimes, i don’t stay at home because of @aedcelectricity. You know how it could be. Anyway….

apparently when i’m not at home, John lives like a king in my house.

This is someone that has NO business in my house. He has a place to stay by the gate. Fan, mosquito net, good ventilation, etc.

Sha sha, yesterday, my sister went to my car to get some glasses that she sells and i was waiting for her in the room.

Not the room at home. We weren’t home. We wanted to take inventory and sort them. When she came in, she said the boxes were lighter

I’m just there like, “i know it was in my car but don’t look at me”

We decided to count and found that 16 pieces were missing, valued at N80,000.

So i call this other guy in my compound, “Titus.” Titus and john stay in John’s room.

‘m there, extra casual like “Titus, have you noticed john with glasses recently?”

He goes, “yes, one gold one. It’s round but not round like that.” 😂
i’m like okay. So i send titus pictures on whatsapp

He sends me back a picture of John that he took. John was wearing the glasses in that picture and my brothers Calvin Klein shirt

I look at my sister and go “Ah!!! Omotefe Thelma Edegware!!!!!” 😳

I was cool this whole time like the Lord has really saved a sister. I was actually laughing. So my sister decided to go home and ..

But me, i wanted to see man and i didn’t want to miss the whole thing so i asked her to chill. Let the guy be flexing first

I went out and got a low battery so my friend was charging the phone in his office while i ate outside with his friend.

30 mins later, i’m like “i need to check my phone” so his staff goes to get my phone.

Next thing i see is 7 missed calls and this message. Ah!!!!

I leave my food that just got served and run to meet her. We get the police and go home.

Titus opens the gate for us and John isn’t in the guard house. Nigga is inside Madam’s house, living la vida loca

First, i search his room and find my work clothes and my brother’s clothes:

Baby girl is still cool o. My vex dey end for mouth. We walk to the door now. My sister, the police and i.

I decide to bang really hard to startle him so he has no time to think. My guy opens the door. (Please watch the video. Below at the end of this story)

Brethren! this guy had a naked woman in my house. They spread my mother’s wrapper over the mattress & the girl was tying MY TOWEL!!

They must have gone a lotta rounds because in all that commotion. That girl was fast asleep like…. I almost screamed in her ear before she woke up.

I’m just dazed because all i could think of was cumshots all over my towel. i died!

I’m asking this dude what he’s doing in my house with a naked woman and he’s trying to lie to me, so i let the Devil use me…. I see the girl in my towel and I’m like “you know he’s a gateman and this isn’t his house,” she agrees, so i do the needful too.

I’m not running on less than 8 hours of sleep for someone to play me like this. This boy is never there to open the gate. Always steals my shit but has the power to sweat on someone’s daughter!!!

Apparently, that wasn’t the first time he brought a girl into my house in my absence. Very bold boy 😊

Picture taken at 2:51am. We were already at the police station.

After a couple of slaps from the police man, this guy started implicating Titus who didn’t have a hand in it…..Said he sold 12 and gave Titus 4. He was just making me boil even more. STOP LYINGGGG!!!!

The police didn’t believe him but we went to get Titus from my house anyway because nobody is stealing from me.

The police didn’t believe him but we went to get Titus from my house anyway because nobody is stealing from me.

I left the guy there and went to sleep. Woke up at noon to see this from Titus.

I’m here thinking of the risks i took with that Demon child in my house.

He also had a weird obsession with me and i told my sister @indianarose_co. Glad it’s over. Forget gateman. It’s God that keeps.


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