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Nigeria Welcomes Anti-Gay Laws


Recently, a Nigerian Senate, following a good instance of a House of Representatives, upheld a check opposite homosexuality and lesbianism. As if they had been watchful for that certain development, their counterparts in Uganda upheld a identical law. Back in Nigeria, State Houses of Assembly are holding a same trail as their sovereign counterparts. The Katsina State House of Assembly has only upheld a law creation homosexuality and lesbianism offences punishable by a 14-year jail tenure and N10, 000 fine.

Curiously, in Europe and America, homosexuality has turn fashionable, as governments plainly behind a inhuman trend. Some of these governments are so unapproachable of their mount on a emanate that they count it as one of their achievements. Their evidence that people can live their lives as they hold fit in line with a dictates of their rights as tellurian beings might be admissible.

But many, generally in Africa, are commencement to demonstrate worry that they are vigilant on internationalising it. At some point, some governments in Europe and even general sports organisations threatened to repel assist to countries in a building universe that scowl on same sex relationships.

We are swayed to disagree that if happy rights or homosexuality is a elemental tellurian right, a particular should be authorised to confirm to either to suffer or countermand it, as with all such rights, but any supervision carrying to use a outfit to require people to adopt it, use it as an instrument of state process or even general relations. It is a matter for pinnacle bewail that governments in a grown countries should demonstrate opinion on what is radically a privilege of any nation to confirm on.

We praise governments of African countries for holding stairs to check a spread, deliberation a bent by Africans to duplicate all dished out by western culture. It will be to their almighty credit that they have refused to be blackmailed or bullied by these supposed grown countries, who believe, erroneously, that informative and dignified values can be sacrificed in expectation of a play of porridge.

Furthermore, we reject in a entirety a materialisation of a male anticipating a associate male closely attractive, or a lady anticipating another lady closely appealing. In a view, it is out righteously descent to all that is decent and has zero to suggest it to any tellurian being in his or her correct support of mind.

It is a row that a desire of these grown countries to globalise filth is, in itself reprehensible and we titillate African leaders to insist on their rejecting of what is antithetical to all that a normal African binds dear, even as they pattern a domestic will to see such mount through.



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