As seen on Nairaland. Below:

It started yesterday afternoon when my husband took me to the hospital to pick up my family planning pills with our 2 months old baby. To cut the story short, I went into the midwife’s office alone to pick the pill, ask questions and get answers.

Inside the midwives office was a very young doctor who got involved in all my discussion with the midwife. Along the line, the midwife went out to pick something and at that moment the young doctor asked me for my number, I gave him a wrong number .

So when we got home I told my husband about it. He got angry , started attacking me about it , my husband said giving the doctor a number at all was me insulting him, that it doesn’t matter if it was a wrong number or not .

Truth is, I’m not the type to insult a guy who approached me, I always give wrong number. I have been apologising to my husband since yesterday even when I totally don’t think I did something wrong , Yet he is still boiling up. Pls I need to understand what I did wrong cos I don’t think I did something wrong.


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