Nigerian life coach on Facebook, Victor Ibeh, has said that in his own opinion, men should buy sex toys for their wives – it should serve as a stand-in for them when they are not available.

He says if men can buy drugs to sustain erection, why can’t ladies use sex toys too?! He shared the post you see on his Facebook wall moments ago:

It is my opinion that men should buy toys for their wives.

It is part of the fun. Give her something to use when you are not available.

Give her money to buy bullet. All those times that you are tired, she would take care of herself. I don’t understand men who oppose the idea of women having sex toys. How does it affect it you?

If you think that using drugs to sustain your erection is cool, why can’t your woman have a toy?

I believe that both parties can use the toys. As a man, you can use her toys on her. It’s all fun and exciting.

Sex shouldn’t be rigid. It requires a lot of open-mindedness, to be able to have good sex.

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