Veno International Magazine claimed that the man pictured, who has a striking resemblance with the image of Christian saviour, Jesus was trekking along Sogunle area in Lagos State, on 28th February.

It was alleged that when people spotted him and started bringing their phone to take photos, he suddenly disappeared.

So I took my time to analyse the photo and wawu! This is Lagos Jesus mehn!

First, no nail imprint on his feet

Second, the flip flops on his feet are obviously branded, when did Jesus take a break to go and buy slippers?!

Third, he’s obviously donning beach shorts… Urban style… Hehe.

And again, I’m pretty sure after over 2000 years, Jesus can have a clean shave and not be a member of the beard gang…

So the fact that they said he “disappeared” is nothing but faux to me, hmph!


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