Bobrisky, in a series of snapchat photos and videos said he was gonna rock a Rihanna-inspired hairstyle.. and the cross-dresser did.

He shared the photos and revealed he was going to see bae… He also revealed he sent his bae the photos and he went all agog wanting his ass and all.

Bobrisky is famous for bleaching his skin and cross-dressing.. He has denied on several occassions that he isn’t gay. But we all know this is false!

Few days back, he showed off his cooking skills, where he cooked all sort of delicacies.. He advised his female followers to know how to cook and of course suck d***.. he says, “Ladies, if you know how to cook, and suck your mans d*** well, he can never ever leave you”

Find Below photos of Boborisky rocking his Rihanna-inspired hairstyle.


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