Yesterday, Kemen was disqualified for groping TBoss without her consent while she slept. (You can read all the drama here, here and here).

Kemen Family of course has reacted to the whole drama (read here).. and now, TBoss Family is reacting via Her sister, Goldie.

Goldie in reaction to the whole drama took to TBoss’ Official Instagram account to write:

“I @miss_goldilocks I’m grateful for the love and support #TBoss got this week. Thanks to you all she was saved. It is a great day to be thankful to God for his blessings. I wanted also to say thank you to @bigbrothernaija2017 for setting rules to protect each and every housemate.

Most might feel the punishment was hash. But what is wrong can never be right. Big Brother is entertainment but at no moment is it ok to feel unsafe. We as women have the right to say no at any moment. And keeping quiet is not an option. We speak up for what is right and we don’t hide behind what people expect. We her family are grateful for protecting TBoss and wish every housemate success. We wish success also to Kemen. May God bless your week. #teamtboss #bossnation @payporte

For those who are still commenting in a hateful way even when they did not see what happened. This is a breakdown of the events. You can watch the full video on YouTube or on TBoss Facebook page. The housemates judged Tboss wrongly and later apologized to her for not asking her what happened and taking sides with Kemen. Thank you to the housemates for understanding and knowing the difference between right and wrong and knowing when to back down.( ps: TBOSS NEVER REPORTED KEMEN.) @bigbrothernaija2017 sees and hears everything.”


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