Much like week’s past, TTT won virtually, every single challenge that was thrown at him including the Payporte Arena Games (for a third time!) It is precisely because of this that he was often sited as a tenacious competitor and “threat” by the other Housemates who were absolutely shocked to learn that he was heading home when Ebuka broke the news moments ago (Live Show 8).

It was clear that many of them had already figured that he’d make it all the way to the finale but this is Big Brother and if there’s one thing that’s always rang true it’s the fact that you can never pre-empt what the viewers are thinking.

With both Debie-Rise and Efe being declared safe yesterday in the show it was down to just ThinTallTony and TBoss. When the former’s name got read out by Ebuka there were audible gasps from the other Housemates and Bisola immediately started weeping.

He hugged her and let her know it was going to be okay before telling everyone that they’d been “amazing” and that he “loved them all!” Watch Video Below:

As the doors closed, they all sat quietly on the couches, shocked and still trying to process everything that had just happened.

Bisola then again went into the closet to shed some tears and she was hugged and consoled by Marvis.

Then came the interview that everyone was waiting to hear. ThinTallTony came out on stage looking very energised and let everyone know that he was “living his dream” and had waited “12 years” for the chance to be on this show.

TTT then turned to the matter at hand making it clear that what happened between him and Bisola “was not real” and they’d “talked” about it. “It’s a game!” he kept reiterating. (Read Here)

He also made it clear to Ebuka that he didn’t appreciate how people treated “married” people so he decided to keep his personal life “private” and never speak about his wife and children whom he refused to discuss despite Ebuka’s best attempts to coax an answer out of him.

After the Live Eviction show was the Ultimate Head of House Challenge.. Biggie told the Housemates during the show to make their way to the Arena which was awash with colour as the Housemates were greeted with an Arena full of balloons. where they were to compete for a very important Head of House challenge.

They were told that this was the Ultimate HoH Card and he told them that the meaning of the card would be revealed on Monday Night.

In a laborious Task, the sound of poppingt balloons filled the Arena as some of the Housemates got visibly flustered. TBoss was obviously wanting to win this one as each piece of paper that didn’t correspond to what she needed was thrown to the floor angrily.

Debie-Rise desperately searched for a “d,” so close yet so far. Biggie opted for a game of patience, this time. Bally looked daunted by the sheer volume of balloons in front of him as he and Bisola discussed the futility of the Task ahead. Debie-Rise came close but eventually, a triumphant Efe held his spelt words and was pronounced the new Head of House.

TBoss after the Ultimate HOH Challenge, was talking to Bassey when she said she wishes to become Head of House even if it’s just once. In her own words she said:

The people out there are the ones helping me, keeping me here. The ones in here are the ones voting, and I understand Because I’m doing the same.. Now, but still these ones got saved. I congratulated them. Cos no be here e end, na here e start. But when it’s my turn, f8** she should have gone, she should have stayed. I really feel sad. I try so hard..I really want to win the Head of House… I really want to.. I really really want to. I got so close to it, and still I don’t get it. It really makes me feel bad. I am really trying my best. What should I do again? What work should I do again.. I honestly feel like people don’t like me

Credits: AfricaMagic/DStv


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